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Monday, December 22, 2014

Postscript One

Except for the weather, and its aftermath, life seems to have slowed down to a crawl for us, my husband and me, until last Thanksgiving. Thanks to the Internet, a grand-nephew of mine, Jacopo D'Ambrosio,grandson of my brother Toni, Antonio D'Ambrosio, found me and began emailing me. For a week, I got to meet him, his family and the family of his aunt, my brother's daughter, Laura D'Ambrosio. I shall pass his email information to my granddaughter Jasmine Tintut Williams who is the same age as Jacopo.

These were the connections I hoped to make when I started writing online. One day, I thought, the young generations will become curious and will come searching for us, for the rest of the family in America.

My journey has come full circle.
What better way to celebrate Thanksgiving?
What better way to embrace the future than making these connections?